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Our annual parish retreat

Resurrection parishioners and friends spend a weekend in June each year on retreat at Orkney Springs in the Shenandoah Mountains of western Viriginia. What will it cost? How can I register? Shrine_Mont_Registration Form 2018

Sign welcoming people to Shrine Mont What is Resurrection's parish retreat?
On the first weekend in June, Resurrection members and their families and friends spend a weekend together at the Diocese of Virginia’s retreat center in Orkney Springs, Virginia (two hours west of Alexandria in the Shenandoah Mountain). There we relax, share fellowship, and worship. The slow pace, beautiful surroundings, and free time provides us with an opportunity to get to know ourselves and each other in new, fun, and surprising ways.

What is there to do at Shrine Mont?
For the adventuresome, there is hiking, swimming, and walking the open-air labyrinth. There are opportunities for Morning and Evening Prayer, and for Sunday-morning Eucharist in the Diocese of Virginia's Cathedral Shrine of the Transfiguration. You can shop for clothes and books in the Shrine Mont bookstore. For the less advensuresome, there is an activity we call “porching": doing jigsaw puzzles, playing board games, and just plain hanging out. Oh, and there are six square meals of “comfort food,” and lots of snacks furnished by fellow parishioners, so you can add eating to the list of Shrine Mont activities.


What we wish you would consider doing at Shrine Mont
We hope that you will get to know at least one person who you didn't know well before you came to Shrine Mont (preferrably someone who did not come with you), to relax, to rejuvenate, and to make good memories.

What about our children?
Shrine Mont is a wonderful place for children. Babies, children, and young people will be engaged and well-tended by the community.

How do I get to Shrine Mont?
Driving? Take I-66 West to I-81 South. Follow I-81 South to Exit 273 (Mount Jackson). Turn left and cross over I-81. Turn right onto Route 11 South. Follow Route 11 South to Route 263 West. Follow Route 263 West to the end of the road.  Not driving? Carpool with someone. It is suggested that you arrive by 5:00 p.m. on Friday if you want dinner at Shrine Mont. If you can't leave until after work, you might want to stop at a restaurant along the way.


What should I bring?
Your favorite games, snacks and soft drinks, a flashlight, blankets and extra pillows, casual clothes (layers are a good idea), jacket and rain gear, extra towels and washcloths, bug spray, any sports equipment you would like to use, your singing voice, and your sense of fun.

What should I leave home?
Do not bring pets, radios, boom boxes, squirt guns, or water balloons. Skateboards and roller blades also are not allowed. Bikes are not allowed inside any building or on any porch, but you can bring them if you would like to ride them elsewhere. Fireworks or firearms of any kind are absolutely prohibited. Because of the wooden buildings, smoking is not allowed in any building.


Draft 2018 schedule of events

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