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Sunday-morning Forums

12/17/2017 In tiptop health for God Eleonora Gafton
1/7/2018 Shrine Mont Planning Forum Coral Childs/Rev. Jo
1/14//2018 The Paraclete Joe Donovan
1/21/2018 Lydia Betsy Faga
1/28/2018 Samuel Robert Reeves
2/4/2018 Peter Larry Dye
2/11/2018 Absalem Jones Sharon Roberts
2/18/2018 The Lord's Prayer Karl Boughan
2/25/2018 The Nicene Creed: History Bob Barnett 
3/4/2018 The Nicene Creed: The Creed itself  Bob Barnett
3/11/2018  Stations of the Cross Linda Goff 
3/18/2018 Let's write a Collect  Rev. Jo
3/25/2018  What would you do? Bea Taylor/Susan Weber
4/1/2018 —Easter Sunday—  — 
4/8/2018 Intergenerational Bible games  Will McBeth/Coral Childs
4/15/2018  Abraham before Canaan Larry Dye 
4/22/2018 The plagues of Egypt  Linda Goff
4/29/2018 The Ethiopian eunuch's story  Chris Yeannakis
5/6/2018 What I've learned at Resurrection  AnnaMarie Hoos 
5/13/2018 Varities of "End Times" (Dispensationalism) Karl Boughan 
5/20/2018 The Great Awakening  Kat Turner 
5/27/2018 The Athenasian Creed Wade Hinkle
6/3/2018 What I've learned in P-FLAG Cindy Saltzman
6/10/2018 Episcopal visit Bishop Johnston
6/17/2018 Black: A Life Story Olvin "Mac" McBartlett
6/24/2018 --Shrine Mont weekend--  
7/1/2018 TBA Deena Jaworski
7/8/2018 I am where? Linda Goff
7/15/2018 TBA Florence Dennis-Huskin
7/22/2018 TBA Ralph Reeves
7/29/2018 The 39 Articles Joe Donovan
8/5/2018 Islam topic TBA
8/12/2018 Islam, Women, and the Veil Margaret Riccardelli