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Our past Sunday-morning Forums


Adult Education Topic
1/20/2019 The Lord's Prayer (Chris Yeannakis)
1/13/2019 No forum/snow storm
1/6/2019 Let's talk about money (Rev. Jo/Ken Gay)
12/16/2018 "Holy Disruption" Advent series conclusion (AnnaMarie Hoos)
12/9/2018 "Holy Disruption" Advent series (AnnaMarie Hoos)
12/2/2018 Annual congregational meeting (Rev. Jo, Linda Goff)
1125/2018 "Holy Disruption" Advent series (AnnaMarie Hoos)
11/18/2018 Listening session (Linda Goff, Rev. Jo Belser)
11/11/2018 Seminary tour (Kathy Graham)
11/4/2018 Liturgical Life Principles (Larry Dye)
10/28/2018 Episcopal visit (The Rt. Rev. Shannon Johnston)
10/14/2018 The spirituality of stewardship (AnnaMarie Hoos)
10/7/2018 Let's design our new banner (Rev. Jo Belser)
9/30/2018 Congregational vote on redevelopment project (Rev. Jo Belser)
9/23/2018 Samuel (Robert Reeves)
9/16/2018 Praying the Psalms with music (Deena Jaworski)
9/9/2018 About our bishop (Rev. Jo Belser)
9/2/2018 Saying "Goodbye" to what we love (Betsy Rayomnd)
8/26/2018 What I've learned working in a church (Florence Dennis-Huskin)
8/19/2018 I am where? (Linda Goff)
8/12/2018 Project update and conversation about our future (Vestry)
8/5/2018 The role of grief in our lives (Betsy Raymond)
7/29/2018 The 39 Articles (Joe Donovan)
7/22/2018 Kitchen Items Sale and Parish Picnic (Margaret Riccardelli/Betsy Faga)
7/15/2018 Parable of the the Lost Coin (Peta-Ann lietermann-Long)
7/8/2018 The Plaques of Egypt (Linda Goff)
7/1/2018 Evalutation of Shrine Mont weekend (Rev. Jo Belser)
6/24/2018 -Shrine Mont weekend-
6/17/2018 Mutual Ministry Review (Rev. Jo Belser, Linda Goff)
6/10/2018 Our Exodus and Wilderness Adventure (Linda Goff)
6/3/2018 Congregational Meeting (Vestry)
5/27/2018 The Anthenasian Creed (Wade and Mary Hinkle)
5/20/2018 The Great Awakening (Kat Turner)
5/13/2018 What I've learned in PFLAG (Cindy Saltzman)
5/6/2018 What I've learned at Resurretion (AnnaMarie Hoos)
4/29/2018 The Ethiopian Eunuch (Chris Yeannakis)
4/22/2018 Intergenerational Bible games (Will Mcbeth, Coral Childs)
4/15/2018 Abraham before Canaan (Larry Dye)
4/8/2018 The Suffragan Bishop search process (Betsy Faga)
4/1/2018 Easter Sunday
3/25/2018 Dinner church (AnnaMarie Hoos)
3/18/2018 What would you do? (Bea Taylor, Susan Weber)
3/11/2018 The Nicene Creed: Creed itself (Bob Barnett)
3/4/2018 The Nicene Creed: History (Bob Barnett)
2/18/2017 Absolom Jones (Sharon Roberts)
2/11/2018 Pancake lunch
2/4/2018 People of the Bible: Peter (Larry Dye)
1/28/2018 People of the Bible: Samuel (Robert Reeves)
1/21/2018 Soup lunch
1/14/2018 Fellowship
1/7/2018 Shrine Mont planning forum (Rev. Jo)
12/10/2017 Christmas Eve rehearsal part I (all of us!)
12/3/2017 Annual congregational meeting (Rev. Jo Belser)
11/26/2017 Transgender: a life story (Sara Simone)
11/19/2017 The Gnostic gospels (Coral Childs)
11/12/2017 Money (Ken Gay and Rev. Jo Belser)
11/5/2017 Outreach Update (Maureen Bryant, Bea Taylor)
10/29/2017 Resurrection Memory Boxes (Linda Goff)
10/22/2017 Congregational vote (Rev. Jo)
10/15/2017 The Blessed Virgin Mary (Larry Dye)
10/8/2017 Fellowship Sunday
10/1/2017 Redevelopment Update (Rev. Jo Belser)
9/24/2017 St. Michael and all angels (Linda Goff)
9/17/2017 Intergenerational Bible games (Will Mcbeth, Coral Childs)
9/10/2017 Greece Pilgrimmage (Betsy Faga, Larry Goof, Robert Reeves, Lissa Reeves)
9/3/2017 Community and Prayer (Linda Goff)
8/27/2017 Fellowship Sunday
8/20/2017 Redevelopment Update (Redevelopment Team)
8/13/2017 The English Reformation (Karl Boughan)
8/6/2017 Eclipsed by God (Rev Jo)
7/30/2017 Intercultural Relations (Raja Nasr)
7/23/2017 Protestant Reformation at 500 (Wade Hinkle)
7/16/2017 The power of Spirituals and Gospel Hymns (Deena Jaworski)
7/9/2017 Mutual Ministry Review (Rev Jo/Coral Childs)
7/2/2017 My favorite Bible verse (Kat Turner)
6/25/2017 The immanenizaion of the eschaton (Bob Barentt)
6/18/2017 Sermon discussion (Rev. Jo Belser)
6/11/2017 Eucharistic Controversy (Karl Boughan)
6/4/2017 Interages II (Christine Yeannakis)
5/28/2017 Interages I (Christine Yeannakis)
5/21/2017 West End Lazarus Ministries update (Melanie Gray)
5/14/2017 A peek at our new church plans (Rev Belser and Betsy Faga)
5/7/2017 Sermon discussion
4/30/2017 Hildegard of Bingam (Kat Turner)
4/23/2017 The International Academy (David Wynne)
4/16/2017 Easter fellowship
4/9/2017 Was Jesus a Zealot? (Bea Taylor and Lenore Funkhouser)
4/2/2017 St. Paul (Larry Dye)
2/26/2017 Redevelopment update (Betsy Faga)
2/19/2017 Do Episcopalians believe in hell? (Mary and Wade Hinkle)
2/12/2017 Fun with hymns and hymn tunes (Deena Jaworski)
2/5/2017 Spices and herbs of the Bible (Eleonora Gafton)
2/26/2017 Outreach drives (outreach committee)
2/19/2017 St. Matthias (Linda Goff)
2/12/2016 The conversion of Constantine (Kat Turner)
2/5/2017 Region IV and Diocesan Convention (Betsy Faga)
1/29/2017 Vestry goals (Coral Childs)
1/22/2017 Redevelopment Update (Rev. Jo Belser)
1/15/2017 Martin Luther King, Jr. (Susan Weber/Bea Taylor)
1/8/2017 Sample Theological Reflection (Beth Covey/Wade Hinkle)
1/1/2017 New Year's Day fellowship
12/25/2016 Christmas Day fellowship
12/18/2016 A Forum about Forums (Karl Boughan)
12/11/2016 Handling our grief (Linda Goff)
12/4/2016 Annual Congregational Meeting (Rev. Jo)
11/27/2016 Hymn: It is well with my soul (Robert Reeves)
11/20/2016 Turkey Pilgrimage (Larry Dye and Betsy Faga)
11/13/2016 Taking on the Trinity (Ralph Reeves)
11/6/2016 Political Forum (Rev. Jo)
1030/2016 Tales of the Hassadim (Karl Boughan)
10/23/2016 Congegational vote (Rev. Jo Belser)
10/16/2016 History of the Book of Common Prayer (Wade Hinkle)
10/9/2016 Redevelopment forum continued (Rev Jo)
10/2/2016 Revelopment other considerations (Rev Jo)
9/25/2016 Redevelopment options (Kat Turner)
9/18/2016 Spirituality of Aging (Linda Goff and parish care committee)
9/11/2016 Spirituality of Aging (Dorothy Linthicum)
9/4/2016 Theology of the Middle Ages (Kat Turner)
8/28/2016 Interages (Gay Colyer/Chris Yeannakis)
8/21/2016 Dominican Spirituality (Linda Goff)
8/14/2016 Theology of the Middle Ages Part 2 (Kat Turner)
8/7/2016 Theology of the Middle Ages Part 1 (Kat Turner)
7/31/2016 Visiting people with dementia  (George DeFilippi)
7/24/2016 Redelopment Priorities (Rev. Jo Belser)
7/17/2016 Joan of Arcadia (Rev. Jo Belser)
7/10/2016 Redevelopment Forum
7/3/2016 Turkey mission trip (Larry Dye)
6/26/2016 Bishop's visit (The Rt. Rev. Gulick)
6/19/2016 Aftermath of shootings in Orlando, Florida (The Rev. Jo Belser)
6/12/2016 Resurrection Child Center Sunday (fellowship)
6/52016 Shrine Mont weekend (fellowship)
5/29/2016 Our Quest Groups (Betsy Raymond and Robert Reeves)
5/22/2016 Our goals for 2016: a mid-year review (Rev. Jo and Coral Childs)
5/15/2016 VOICE House Meeting (Jovanda Williams)
5/8/2016 Sermon discussion (The Rev. Randi Hicks Rowe)
5/1/2016 Easter Hymn-Sing (Deena Jaworski)
4/24/2016 The Resurrection Prayer Circle (Judy Isaacs)
4/17/2016 The Lion of Judah and King of Kings (Rev. Randi Hicks Rowe)
4/10/2016 St. John Chrysostom (Larry Dye)
4/3/2016 Theological Disputes During the Middle Ages (Karl Boughan)
3/27/2016 Easter reception
3/20/2016 Praying the Jesus Stories (Gay Colyer and Chris Yeannakis)
3/13/2016 Altar Bells (Rev. Dr. Jim Farwell)
3/6/2016 Redevelopment Update (Redevelopment Committee)
2/28/2016 Prayer Exercises (Deena Jaworski)
2/21/2016 The Screwtape Letters (Beth Wiggers)
2/14/2016 Outreach Ministries update
2/7/2016 Our Resurrection Community (Linda Goff)
1/31/2016 Impromptu: God in music, art, and poetry (Larry Dye)
1/24/2016 Snow day
1/17/2016 Community organizing in Alexandria (Jovanda Warren)
1/10/2016 Cary Page talked about "From contemplation to action: How God moved me into Street Church and Kairos Prison Ministry," beginning with "Fear not."
1/3/2016 Sermon Discussion
12/27/2015 Christmas Pageant Fellowship
12/20/2015 Comparison of the nativity stories
Wade Hinkle helped us compare the nativity stories of the New Testament.
12/13/2015 The Theology of Advent
The Rev. Dr. Kathy Grieb (a New Testament professor at Virtinia Theological Seminary) shared her thoughts about where God is during Advent. The images she shared, using hymns, are of God coming in history as the Christ Child, God returning in majesty to judge the living and the dead, and God coming in mystery through the work of the Holy Spirit, especially in the Eucharist.
12/6/2015 Annual Congregational Meeting
Our Rector and Senior Warden led us through the election of new Vestry members, our Treasurer walked us through our operating budget for 2016, and we heard reports about the great things happening at Resurrection. Plus, we got to see a slide show of the highlights of the year past.
11/30/2015 Images of Advent
Anne Boris, a member of Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria, share famous paintings about the Annunciation and the coming of the Christ Child.
11/22/2015 "I will sing the wondrous story"
A hymn sing led by Larry Dye, Kate Donnell and Robert Reeves
11/15/2015 The Inclusivity of Jesus Christ
Led by Florence Denis-Huskin
11/8/2015 Drawing as Meditation
Beth Wiggers taught us about meditating and drawing.
11/1/12015 Let's talk about money
Led by Rev. Jo and Ken Gay, treasurer, a discussion about the financial status of our church.
10/25/2015 Sermon Discussion
Rev. Jo led us in a discussion about her sermon, and whether Resurrection is Bartimaeus.
10/18/2015 Biblical story telling
Judy Wilfong, a Biblical storyteller showed us how telling the biblical text as story helps open up scripture for us in new ways.
10/11/2015 What parables mean to us today
Linda Goff led our Forum on October 11 to show us what makes a parable and why they are important to us today. The gist is that a parable takes an ordinary event and infuses it with theological meaning; our job is to read, reflect, and respond, letting the parable move us into action in new ways.
10/4/2015 Fellowship following pet blessing
9/27/2015 The genealogy of Jesus
Lea Fowlie shared what is known (speculated) about Jesus' lineage. 
9/20/2015 Healing Forum
Our Healing Ministers shared information with us about our healing ministry, what happens when someone comes for healing prayers (on the last Sunday of each month), and we had a short healing service.
9/13/2015 Congregational Forum
We called a special congregational meeting on September 13 to vote on whether to ask the BIshop and Standing Committee of the Diocese of Virginia to allow us to enter into a long-term ground lease to provide affordable housing and a new church facility.
9/6/2015 Poet's Forum
Martha Swearingen taught us about the poetry of T. S. Eliot and how it speaks to our faith.
8/30/2015 Redevelopment Forum
Our redevelopment partners (developer and architect) presented plans for redevelopment of our property. They and our Redevelopment Committee members answered questions, all in preparation for upcoming Vestry and congregational votes.
8/23/2016 Parents' Forum
Gay Colyer and Rev. Jo led our Forum on August 23 to hear what the parents had to say about three questions: What would you like for your children to learn in Sunday School, xxxx, and What would it take for your children to attend more often. We are very grateful for the response. 

"Here I am, send me" (the story of Jonathan Daniels)    

In observance of the 50th anniversary of the death of Jonathan Myrick Daniels, civil rights activist, we saw a 57-minute award-winning documentary about his life.
8/9/2015 West End Lazarus Ministry Melanie Gray told us about the West End Lazarus Ministry that will be working at Resurrection on Thursday afternoons, beginning September 17.
8/2/2015 The Theology of C. S. Lewis in the Chronicles of Narnia Beth Wiggers led the Forum.
7/26/2015 Hand-in-Hand Listening 
Rev. Jo led a forum on racism awareness, experience, solutions.
7/19/2015 Sermon Discussion
Larry Dye led a discussion about Rev. Fanny's sermon on prayer.
7/12/2015 Redevelopment Update Forum
We heard new news about our property redevelopment project and saw an updated timeline. Then we shared about what excites us, what we fear, and what we wished we knew about the project. Finally, we shared one word that we think of most about our church; we want to make Wordle art with the results (which we will use in our ongoing effort to name our identity and vision).
7/5/2015 Facility use discussion
Rev. Jo shared information about recent building-use changes and solicited inputs from attendees on how to make the space more compatable with the current occupants. The Godly Play leaders and Treasurer also shared about how their ministries were going in their new spaces.
6/28/2015 How to write a Psalm
BeaJay McNiece—a member of our Wednesday morning Bible study cohort—taught us how to write a Psalm. You can read the outline of his presentation and his handout here.
6/21/2015 Beginning a conversation about our vision
The Vestry shared the results of its recent Mutual Ministry Review and began a converstaion about a vision for our ministry.
6/14/2015 Ancient People of the Middle East 2
Parishioner Karl Boughan concluded his two-part presenation about the people who were the neighbors of the people of Israel before and after they formed into a nation. The concluding information centered on the 13th-cetury BCE Battle of Kadesh, in which the Egyptians and Hittites fought to a stalemate and withdrew from the area that is now Syria. Without the (unlikely but true) outcome, it probably would not have been possible for the Exodus to have occurred, much less for the people of God to form as Israelites.
6/7/2015 PM The Infancy Gospels of James and Thomas
We explored some of the many books that were considered for inclusion in the Bible but which didn't make "the cut." On June 7, Kat Turner taught us about "The Infancy Gospels of James and Thomas," and why it was rejected. Check out her script here.
6/7/2015 Redevelopment update
We heard the status of our project to redevelop our property. The big news in this presentation was about our Concept 1 plan, which our redevelopment partner has presented to the City of Alexandria. We also got an update on the likely timeline.
5/31/2015 Sermon Discussion: Concepts of the Trinity
This was Trinity Sunday, and our preacher talked about the scriptural, human physiological, and cognitive basis for the concept of a triune (three-in-one) God. So our Forum on this day allowed the congregation to "speak up" and "speak back" about their understanding of God, and if/how the concept of the Trinity is important in our lives today.
5/24/2015 The origin of hymns Larry Dye led our Forum with a very informative presentation on the origin of hymns. AND we got to sing some hymns. AND ALSO we identified new members for our great choir. 
5/17/2015 On the beginning of all things
Linda Lanam, a teaching assistant at Virginia Theological Seminary, led us through the four creation stories in the Bible, in Genesis 1, Genesis 2, Proverbs 8, and John 1.
5/10/2015 Forum rescheduled for 6/14
We had a "glitch" on May 10, given our need to rehearse the Celebration of New Ministry service set for Monday, May 11. We have rescheduled the topic to June 14.
5/3/2015 Sermon Discusion
4/26/2015 An update on our property redevelopment efforts was presented during our Forum time.
4/19/2015 The Gospel of Peter Judy Isaacs led Forum explaining why this Gospel was considered for inclusion in the Bible but didn't make "the cut." 
4/12/2015 Scripture discussion Larry Dye led Forum with a discussion about the Gospel Lesson.
4/5/2015 Fellowship and Easter Egg Hunt
3/29/2015 Early Christian heresies
Early days of Christianity were not all "peace and love". Karl Boughan led this Forum which revealed a lot of controversy while Christians worked out the specifics of our faith and belief.
3/22/2015 Hungry in public: Feed my sheep
Betsy Faga talked about the many ways that we feed people here at home and abroad.
3/15/2015 How to say no; getting to the yes
Betsy Raymond led our Forum this Sunday.
3/8/2015 How do we experience White privilege in our lives, and what can we do about it?                                      Kristen Weber, Susan Weber's daughter, will lead our Forum this Sunday
3/1/2015 Fellowship
2/22/2015 Fellowship


Sermon Discusion


Liturgical Space and Architecture
The Rev. Dr. James Farwell spoke about this relationship ~ a timely topic as plans are being developed for our new worship space.   


The Vestry shared the goals that they adopted for the year.


Writing Prayers of the People                                                                                                                                    
Ric Molen showed us how to write Prayers of the People for Sunday worship and engaged us in this activity.


Bishop’s Forum
Our Bishop Suffragan, Susan Goff, told us what is happening in our Diocese and our Church.


Resurrection Children CenterKim Messenger, Director of Resurrection Children's Center, has asked several school parents to tell us the difference our preschool has made in their family's lives.
1/4/2015 Godly Play class for adults
It was "show and tell" as Kathy Graham explained just how the Godly Play class for 3-5 year olds teaches children in this age group about God.

Participatory theological reflection on alienation
Randi Hicks Rowe, our summer seminarian this year, led our Forum.


Christmas mysteries
Karl Boughan led Forum.


Goodwin House development plans
Goodwin House CEO Kathy Anderson spoke about the planned health care unit at Goodwin House and how the planning and zoning process relates to Resurrection's own redevelopment plans.               


Annual Congregation Meeting


Sermon discussion (beta testing)
Rev. Jo led a discussion on topics related to the lessons.


The Athanasian Creed
Bob Barnett led Adult Forum, teaching us about that "other" creed that we say on Trinity Sunday. 


St. Cecelia
Kathy Parnell led this Forum.


The Holy Eucharist
The Rev. Jim Farwell led us in an Instructed Eucharist at the 10 am service. At the Forum we reflected on this, asked questions, and what the service might have raised for us.


My Journey along the Silk Road
Margaret Ricardelli talked about her time in the U.S. State Department.


The canonization process
Rev. Sarah led our forum on the topic Saints: who is one? Are there different types?  Is there a canonization process in the Episcopal Church? 


Outreach status
David Ewing shared about our outreach ministry projects.


Richard Green showed excerpts from the documentary on how to find happiness.


Fellowship (no Forum)


Resurrection of the Body
The Rev. Dr. Kate Sonderegger


Sermon discussion (beta test)
The The Rev. Jo Belser began testing ways to have discussions about the sermon/lessons.


My time as your ambassador
Florence DennisHuskin told he how she connected our outreach ministry with the schools in the Beauregard Corridor—most of whom have the majority of their students on free or reduced-cost lunch.


Homecoming Sunday: Getting to know you
Conversation led by the Congregational Development Committee and Vestry members.       


St. Augustine
We learned about this saint from Robert Reeves.


Everyday evil                                                                                                                                                    
Martha Swearingen presents her thoughts on the existence of everyday evil.


Ancient peoples of the Middle East
Karl Boughan shared what he knows about this subject.


Saint Patrick
Ric Molen taught us about Saint Patrick. Who was he? What was his given name? These and other questions about Patrick were answered at Forum.


Let's talk about money                                                                                                                                                  Kat Turner, Ken Gay, and Rev. Jo shared how we are doing financially this year, and what we hope for in next year's budget.


Bible Study: Book of James
Linda Goff led us in a study of the Bible's book of James.


Holy collage
Martha Swearingen led us in holy arts and crafts. She taught us how to make "holy collage" by looking for the holy in the everyday, including waste papers. 


A conversation about Shrinemont


Stop Hunger Now worship service and picnic


Bible Study: Jude and its Implications
Larry Dye led us in a one-week Adult Forum Bible study on the book of Jude     


Hospitality: Why, When, and How
Janet Moyer led us in Forum. She is an expert in helping churches express hospitality to all who worship there.


International Sunday (fellowship)


Sermon talk back
Bernard Anderson preached this Sunday after which the congregation had the opportunity to "talk back" to him about his sermon.


Thank you to Sanelma Sutton, our organist for the past 22 years


What I have learned at Resurrection
Bernard Anderson led the forum by talking about "What he had learned at Resurrection" this past year as our seminarian.


Sacred Choral Music
Deena Jaworski taught us about Sacred Choral Music through the Ages.


Celebrate Shrine Mont
Karl Boughan talked about this year's Shrine Mont retreat and why you should plan to attend.


Resurrection in Art 
Anne Boris, a member of Grace Church in Alexandria, led our Sunday morning Forum. She showed us various images of Jesus' Resurrection as depicted in art.


We did not have Forum on Easter, a reception and Easter egg hunt were held instead.


Prayer Walking:  Places of Passion in our Neighborhood
Linda Goff led a short Forum on how to pray as you walk; Rev. Ann took us on a virtual Prayer Walk of our neighborhood.


Prayer:  Why, when, and how
Dan Swearingen's topic at Forum was Prayer, Spiritual Communion with God. We learned about different types of prayer and listened as he shared prayers that had special meaning to him.


Generosity:  Why, when, and how
 Rev. Ann Truitt encouraged us to consider the many ways we can give to our church community. 


Congregational development
The Rev. Canon Patrick Wingo led us in an exploration of what congregational development is all about.


Fasting:  Why, when, and how
Dick DeMeester taught us about the Christian practice of fasting.


Ministry Fair
At the March 9 Adult Forum, Vestry members  discussed how congregation members can contribute to meeting Resurrection's three major goals for 2014:

  • Continue our long-standing tradition of outreach to our community
  • Pay explicit attention to congregational development activities that welcome newcomers and support current parishioners
  • Leverage our property to achieve greater impact in meeting community needs

Musical Forum
Our organist, Sanelma Sutton, led our Forum on the topic, "Our hymns: Where and how did they originate."  Learn about and sing a few hymns from Gregorian Chant to Contemporary Christian.


Bible Study: Third John
Rev. Jo Belser continued our study of the last of John's epistles.


Bible Study: Second John
Rev. Jo Belser continued our study of John's epistles.


Bible Study: First John 
Rev. Jo Belser led us in a bible study of John's epistles.


219th Annual Council Report
On February 2, our delegate and alternate, and our Region 4 Council President, told us what happened at the 219th Annual Council of the Diocese of Virginia.


What Holy Unions teach us about Marriage
On January 26, the Rev. Ann Truitt helped us reflect on what Holy Unions can teach us about Marriage.


We heard from our diocesan Bishop
On January 19, our BIshop, Shannon Johnston, told us about the state of the Diocese and answered parishioners' questions.


Church History: The birth of Anglicanism
At Forum on January 12, we learned from Ann Truitt about the birth of Anglicanism in a way that goes beyond merely King Henry VIII wanting a divorce.


Church History: The beginning of The Episcopal Church
On January 5 Mary Hinkle told us about the history of how The Episcopal Church came to be in America.


Fellowship Sunday
We had our annual Christmas Pageant on Sunday, December 29, as the Liturgy of the Word. There was no Adult Forum after the service, instead we shared a special "Fellowship Sunday" coffee hour.


Greening the Church
We did not hold Forum on December 22 so that everyone could help "green the church" for Christmas.


Two, Four, Six, Eight: Time to Transubstantiate
You may have heard of comedian Tom Lehr's lightheaded song about transubstantiation (the belief that the bread and wine turn into the actual body and blood of Jesus during Communion). However, on Decembeer 15 parishioner Bob Barnett took a serious look at the subject.


 Annual Congregational Meeting
During the Forum time on December 8 we held our annual congregational meeting.  We elected a new vestry, heard reports from the wardens and other parish leaders, and generally celebrated the direction that the church is taking in its mission and ministry. This year we had a lot for which to give thanks.


Christmas Carols
Larry Dye led Forum on Sunday morning, December1. He taught us about how Christmas Carols developed, their origins and growth.  And, of course, there will be music!


What I learned while volunteering for ALIVE!
Perhaps you know that Frances and Bob Barnett have, for many years, volunteered their time and talent with ALIVE! (a local non-profit that connects the outreach ministries of all the congregations in our city). But perhaps you don't know WHY they do so, and what they have learned while doing so. In our Forum on Sunday, November 24, France Barnett told us what she has learned, not about ALIVE! and its work, but about God and about herself.


Episcopal mission in Tanzania
Henry and Priscilla Ziegler, who are members of Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Dunn Loring, Virginia, are two of the Episcopal Church's eleven overseas missionaries. Henry is a doctor who practices here for awhile to make enough money to keep a hospital going that the Zieglers founded in Tanzania. They told us all about their mission adventures, and asked for our prayers for their endeavors.


How are we doing?
November 10 marked our journey of roughly two months on what some are calling "Resurrection Re-Visioned." The Rev. Jo Belser led the Forum where the congregation had a chance to share their reactions, reflections, and suggestions about our course of action.


Resurrection Children's Center Update
Perhaps you knew that our preschool—Resurrection Children's Center (RCC)—includes children with special educational needs or disabilities in each class. At the Forum on November 3, Kim Messinger, Director of our preschool, told us all we wanted to know about this important ministry of the church.


Re-Visioning Forum Part Two
On September 15 we shared where our Re-Visioning Committee and Vestry think they hear God leading us. This Forum began a time of individual and corporate discernement about that proposed vision. The Forum on October 27 summarized what we heard during this period, and outlined plans for how to turn this vision into reality.


The Lutheran-Episcopal Covenant: Where are we?
October 20 was Reformation Sunday, and we celebrated by having the Rev. Mitzi Budde, an ELCA priest, lead us in Lutheran worship at our 10 am service. The Rev. Budde also lead our Forum, teaching us about the Lutheran-Episcopal agreement that placed our two denominations in full Communion with each other. Rev. Budde is a member of the World Council of Church's Faith and Order Committee, the local Lutheran-Episcopal Coordinating Committee, and also is a faculty member (and head librarian) at Virginia Theological Seminary.


Introduction to Nueva Vida
Ancelmo Torres, an elder of the Spanish-language Pentecostal congregation that worships here at Resurrection, led our Forum on October 13. He told us about his church, how it was begun, how it is organized, and how it works so well.


Short Forum: Who was St. Francis?
We observed the Feast of St. Francis on October 6, which we typically do by inviting people to bring their pets to church with them on this day. There was a reception after the service for both pets and their human companions—BUT we wanted you to learn a short bit about St. Francis and how he inspired this tradition.


The future of Episcopal hymnody
We invited the editor of our green "Wonder, Love & Praise" hymnal (who is Professor of Church Music at Virginia Theological Seminary) to be with us for Forum on September 29 to talk about what kind of music we can look forward to in future versions of Episcopal hymnals.

 9/22/2013 Grief: Dealing with Loss
Betsy Raymond led Adult Forum on September 22, teaching us about grief. She shared about the stages of grief (what happens to us while we are grieving), and also shared tips she has learned over the years of counseling about how to deal with loss.
9/15/2013 Re-Visioning Forum Part One
Our Re-Visioning Committee and Vestry have made tremendous progress in envisioning our future. At our Forum on Sunday, September 15, we heard a substantive report about where we think we hear God leading us. This Forum was meant to begin a time of individual and corporate prayer and discernment, during which parish leaders and clergy can hear your reactions, thoughts, hopes, and prayers for our parish. Look for part two of this Forum on October 27.
9/8/2013 Grand Reception
On Sunday, September 8, we began a new program year with a grand reception, so there was not an Adult Forum on this date. Parish photographs
Richard Green took our photograph (as a group) after the 10 am service on September 8. See if you can spot yourself.
9/1/2013 Sermon talk-back
On Sunday, September 1, the preacher (Jo Belser) offered the congregation the opportunity to "talk back" about the sermon.
8/25/2013 Intergenerational: Make and use Anglican prayer beads
Did you know that Roman Catholics are not the only ones who use prayer beads? The Anglican version is somewhat different that the more-familiar Catholic ones. On August 26 Betsy Raymond told us all about Anglican prayer beads, lead us in learning how to use them, and give us the opportunity to make our own set.
 8/18/2013 Planning your funeral
Carol Spigner led us through planning our own funeral. Having our desires about our funeral in writing, on file in the parish office, could be very helpful in several ways. First, should disaster strike, your loved ones will have some input from you about what you would like to celebrate your life. Second, should we not need these plans in the near future, we can pull them out years hence and see whether our desires have changed.
 8/11/2013 Hands of the Lord, reaching out to the world
Bob Naismith periodically disappears from our pews to take his engineering skills all over the world to help people there. On August 11 Bob shared about his mission endeavors so that we will know what he has been up to while he was last away.


Join the HZHZ Club
Last fall we learned a bit about the prophets, both major and minor. Martha Swearingen led us in a prophet-tuneup on June 23, helping us to discover the unique voices of four of the minor prophets: Habakkuk, Zepheniah, Hosea, and Zechariah. At the end, we will be eligible for induction into the HZHZ Club.


No Forum (farewell reception for Jane McCabe and Kate Byrd)


How Resurrection has changed my life
Presumably, being at the Church of the Resurrection has changed your life. (Otherwise, why be here?) Lou Zarfas was Jewish when he began to attend Resurrection. On July 21 we heard the rest of his story of how this church has changed his life.
 7/14/2013 Introduction to Bethel Ethiopian Evangelical Church
Last fall, Pastor Binyam Etena asked the Vestry to be able to use Resurrection's facilities to hold a worship service in Amharic for our Ethiopian neighbors. The group began with eleven people, and now over a hundred worship here as part of Bethel Church. This is your opportunity to meet Pastor Binyam and to hear about the story of Bethel, and about our own Ethiopian neighbors.
 7/7/2013 The Emergent Church
The Episcopal Church describes emergent church movement as "placing increasing emphasis on discerning the Holy Spirit and sharing personal faith stories" while placing "less emphasis on rituals and systematic theology." In this way the emergent church movement is a "challenge to traditional church structures." In this Forum our summer seminarian, Kate Byrd, will tell us about the emergent church movement and give examples of emergent church as they seek to further the mission of Christ and share the Gospel.
6/30/2013 Resurrection and the whole Biblical narrative
The Rev. Jonathan Bryan (long-ago seminarian and occasional supply priest here) will make a return visit to Resurrection on June 30 to lead our Forum. What Jonathan hopes to accomplish is to help us see our parish's story within what he calls in his book, Nonetheless, God Retrieves Us, "the whole Biblical narrative.
6/23/2013 A Re-Visioning Update
The many folk on our Re-Visioning Committee and its workgroups have been very busy. On June 23 we heard progress that our Re-Visioning team is making in determining our future.
 6/16/2013 St. Benedict's Toolbox: How to be a community
Linda Goff led our Forum on June 16 to introduce us to "St. Benedict's Toolbox." St. Benedict was one of the pioneers of monastic life, and his toolbox includes things (such as prayer) that make a community of faith function smoothly.
6/9/2013 Parish picnic
We canceled Adult  Forum on June 9 so that our whole parish can have its summer picnic.
6/2/2013 Reflection on the day's scripture lessons and the sermon
Most of our fellow parishioners were away at Shrine Mont on June 2. However, a large number of the "faithful remnant" met, under the leadership of Dan Swearingen, who lead us in studying the lectionary passages for the day and in "talking back" to the preacher about the sermon.
5/26/2013 Amazing Grace: The story, the miracle, and the hymn
On May 26 Jo Belser led us in watching clips from the movie "Amazing Grace," and reflecting on how the story behind the writing of this beloved hymn, might intersect with our lives today.
 5/19/2013 Unlocking church growth
The Rev. Carol Spigner led a discussion on the subject "Unlocking Church Growth." She will share what she learned recently at the Bishop's Spring Conference. Michael Harvey, author of the book, "Unlocking the Growth" was the speaker and made quite a distinction between being a welcoming church and being an inviting church. Come and hear what he meant and how we can  become an inviting church.
5/12/2013 Intergenerational: Teach me to pray: walking the labryinth
On Sunday, May 12, Beth Wiggers led an Intergenerational Forum in walking the labyrinth. First we learned about labyrinths, and then we "walked the walk."
5/5/2013 A conversation about Shine Mont
Resurrection's parish retreat at Shrine Mont, the diocesan camp in the Shenandoah Mountains, is scheduled for the first weekend in June. To better encourage more people to attend this retreat, Karl Boughan led us in a discussion about what makes Shrine Mont special for us.
4/28/2013 How, scientifically speaking, are miracles possible?
Dr. Ted Martin, a physicist and member of St. Paul's, Alexandria, has agreed to visit Resurrection and give his presentation on how, scientifically speaking, are miracles possible. This event was originally scheduled as a Region IV Lenten series event, but that event was canceled due to a bad snow forecast.
4/21/2013 Barbara Bishop led Adult Forum on April 21, showing us the differences between the Koran and the Bible. She told us that the biggest difference is that for Muslims the Koran (in Arabic) is the Word of God revealed in creation, whereas for Christians Jesus of God's ultimate revelation.
 4/14/2013 On April 14, Salih and Zeyneb Sayilgan, practicing Muslims and scholars, visited Resurrection and told us about the core beliefs of Islam.
4/7/2013 On Sunday, April 7, Jo Belser led a table-side visit to the passages of scripture that describe the post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus. You can see the image file here, download the script, and download a form for meditating on these passages. (You also can read our parishioners' Lenten meditations inside the Stations of the Cross service bulletin).

Larry Dye concluded our study of the Book of Jonah, Focusing on Chapter Four.

3/17/2013 Larry Dye continued our study of the Book of Jonah, focusing on Chapter Three.
3/10/2013 Larry Dye continued our study of the Book of Jonah, focusing on Chapter Two.
3/3/2013 Bishop Gulick provided information about the Diocese of Virginia, and answered questions.
2/2013 through
Lenten series presentations
  Week One: Are science and faith compatible?
  Week Two: Is there a science of evil?
  Week Three: How are miracles possible? 
  Week Four: Does God participate in concrete ways in the working of the universe and the unfolding of history?
  Week Five: What will our bodies be like in heaven?
2/24/2013 Larry Dye began a four-week study of the book of Jonah from the Bible. This Forum covered chapter 1, under the topic "Run for your life." Chapter one of Jonah tells how God told Jonah to go to Nineveh, the capital of the enemy Assyrian Empire. Instead, Jonah boarded a boat heading the other way.


The Rev. Jo Belser led a Forum on the Rite of Reconciliation of a Penitent (aka Confession). You can see the presentation here.
2/3/2013 and 2/10/2013 Re-Visioning Parts Two and Three
Our Re-Visioning leaders led two Adult Forums to involve the whole congregation in envisioning options for our future, and discovering ways to minimize the cons and strengthen the pros of each option.

Report on the 218th Annual Council of the Diocese of Virginia


Re-Visioning Part One
At this Forum we heard about the church's recent Vestry retreat, and the church's goals for Re-Visioning in 2013.


 xxxxxPalestinian xxxx

 1/6/2013 Jennifer Knox of VOICE (a relational group of faith congregations in Northern Virginia engaged in community organizing) told us about VOICE and how we might become involved in engaging our community in justice issues.
12/30/2012 Caroling at Goodwin House, the retirement facility next door to the church
12/23/2012 Singing Taizé
Beth Wiggers led us in singing Taizé music, giving us a way to hum through the greening of the church for Christmas. You can learn about what Taizé is and check out its music.
12/16/2012 Images of the Nativity
Mary Hinkle, from Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Dunn Loring, Virginia, showed us artwork through the centuries depicting the birth of Jesus.
12/9/2012 Annual Congregational Meeting 2012
We heard reports about the parish and its search status, and elected new vestry members.


"Proper" Liturgy
Ric Molen
led us in an exploration of the history and practice of the Episcopal Eucharist.
11/18/2012 Singing the Psalms
Deena Jaworski
taught us the various ways to sing the Psalm in the Episcopal liturgy.
11/11/2012 Writing a Collect for our church
Did you know that a "Collect," in church-speak, is a prayer that has a set structure? Our Book of Common Prayer is full of Collects. On November 18, though, Kathy Parnell led us in writing our own Collect—a prayer—for our parish.   You can watch a four-minute video on "Father Matthew Presents." You also can creae your own Collect, using our handy Collect Creation Guide. Wikipedia has more information about Collects.

You also can read the Collects that we created.


What is our type: Spirituality and personality types, and how they affect worship and prayer
This Forum was part two of a two-week series that looked at our "type," both personally and corporately here at the Church of the Resurrection. The Myers-Briggs test is another way of identifying and categorizing personality type. Interim Deacon Jo Belser led us in discovering our own Myers-Briggs "type" to show us what prayer styles and methods might be most appropriate for our "type." She also helped us to find our "spirituality type" to show us what other spirituality types could complement our own type, to make us more balanced Christians.

You can take the Myers-Briggs type test online at http://tinyurl.com/2pcgss.

To discover how your personality type affects how you pray best, flip through the PowerPoint presentation and read the handout page that relates to your Myers-Briggs personality type.

You also can get Corinne Ware's spirituality test online. To "score" it, read the PowerPoint presentation from the Forum.


What is our type: Christian enneagram
Parishioner Karl Boughan told us about the enneagram, a way of identifying and categorizing personality type. He thenled us in discovering our own "type" using a Christian version of the enneagram.

You can discover your enneagram type by taking the test online.
You also can read the presentation, handout one, handout two, and handout three.

There is a cross-reference sheet for comparing enneagram types with Myers-Briggs Personality Types.


Is prophecy dead?
The Rev. Jo Belser helped us to look at whether there are still prophets today, in the same sense that there were prophets in the Old Testament. You can see the materials that were used for this Forum:  Graphics and text: Prophet-able